Don’t Underestimate the Power of Data Analytics

Why Data Analytics Are Crucial for Building a Smart Retail Strategy Trying to implement a customer-centric retail strategy without the right data and analytics is a lot like trying to make your way through a pitch-black tunnel without a flashlight....

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Millennial Report: How to Capture Millennial Audiences

Millennials are in their prime spending years. They’re making big purchases on homes, weddings, children, and pets. This generation has immense buying power- millennials were projected to spend over a trillion dollars in 2020, giving them more spending power than...

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8% Revenue Lift from Mobile-Specific Personalization

Client: Casual Apparel Retailer The Challenge A multi-channel, casual apparel retailer wanted to improve consumer engagement and increase ecommerce revenue through personalization on their website. Their previous model standardized product recommendations across all audiences on all digital platforms, but they...

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Improved Personalization Data Models Builds 265% Revenue Boost

Client: Industrial Supplies Retailer The Challenge A leading supplier of residential and commercial construction supplies wanted to increase ecommerce revenue by personalizing product recommendations. Previously, they produced generic product recommendations in high-traffic areas on their website. They showcased top-selling products...

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