Introduction to Best Practices for eCommerce Personalization Focus Report

Sophelle created a Focus Report on Best Practices for eCommerce Personalization. In the first blog post in this series, we’ll introduce key concepts from the report. Get access to the full report.

With all the different stimuli, options, mediums, and content available today, retailers are continuously searching for better ways to connect and engage with their audiences and potential customers. By some estimates, an individual is now exposed to 6,000-10,000 advertisements in a single day. So how can retailers offer customers rich, relevant experiences that cut through the clutter and create authentic engagement? The answer is digital personalization.

The Importance of Personalization in eCommerce 

Personalization is the highly effective process of tailoring customer experiences for specific individuals. 90% of customers find marketing personalization appealing, and 80% of retailers report that personalization has increased their revenue.  

Most retailers know they should be incorporating personalization efforts into their strategies. But many of them are still underinvesting in this opportunity. 

Personalization spans the entire retail buyer’s journey, from in-store shopping and retargeted advertising to email and text messaging and website user experience. The strategies and tactics vary from one touchpoint to the next. This Focus Report examines how retailers can gain the most value from personalization on their ecommerce websites and in email marketing.


Benefits of eCommerce Personalization 

The primary goal of ecommerce personalization is to drive customers to convert. But this practice also offers these key benefits that are essential to retailers’ success:

  • Higher ROI
  • Better customer loyalty
  • 360-degree customer view

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Examples of eCommerce Personalization

There are dozens of ways to approach personalization in online retail. Some of the most common personalization elements retailers use today include: 

  • Product recommendations 
  • Intelligent search
  • Geotargeting

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Best Practices for eCommerce Personalization

You’ll learn 13 strategies for maximizing ROI from ecommerce personalization! The report also includes success stories from retailers who have implemented and optimized ecommerce personalization for their brands.

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