Cross-Sell Personalization Strategy Boosts Apparel Retailer’s Revenue by 28%

Sophelle’s personalization services proved transformative for a U.S.-based apparel company seeking to enhance consumer experience and drive key business metrics. Evaluating their existing algorithms, Sophelle revamped in-cart product recommendations, shifting from a like-sell model to a more effective cross-sell approach. This strategic change encouraged customers to add complementary items to their cart, significantly boosting the average order value. 

Sophelle’s tailored approach ensured that recommendations varied based on customer intent. For instance, when a customer added a white shirt to their cart, the new algorithm strategically avoided overwhelming them with more white shirts, reducing purchase hesitations. Instead, the algorithm focused on cross-selling products, like pants. This transition resulted in an impressive 28% increase in revenue on the cart page, effectively paying for the retailer’s entire personalization platform!