eCommerce Solution Elevates Furniture Retailer’s Complex Product Catalog

The Challenge

In the digital world, simplicity is paramount. Consumers crave seamless online shopping experiences.

Sophelle’s client, a well-established furniture retailer, specializes in offering bespoke furniture tailored to individual tastes. Customers choose from a myriad of fabrics, finishes, cushion comforts, and more. However, these vast choices turned their online experience into a labyrinth, far from user-friendly.

Recognizing the need for evolution, they sought Sophelle’s expertise to transition to a more streamlined ecommerce platform. The new platform would not only emphasize the beauty of customization but also offer a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, the backend operations had to efficiently manage the diverse product catalog.

Being a legacy brand rooted in brick-and-mortar operations, the retailer needed more than a technological pivot—they required an organizational transformation.


The Solution

In collaboration with the retailer, Sophelle drafted a comprehensive roadmap. This blueprint focused on realigning product data and order processes to match industry benchmarks. Key components included a Product Information Management System (PIM), an ecommerce solution, a product configuration tool, and a partnership with a data integration entity to modernize the product data and sales channel workflows.

During this collaboration, Sophelle pinpointed that success hinged on organized, uniform, and curated product data. By revamping the product setup and workflow, operational efficiencies emerged. This move eliminated tedious manual data entries. Instead, specialized tools maximized value for both customers and the business.

To ensure sustained progress, Sophelle implemented a roadmap in phases, each showcasing tangible business results to the board members. Sophelle’s dedicated team encompassed a program delivery lead, an enterprise architect, SMEs, BAs, and a robust offshore QA unit.


The Result

With Sophelle’s strategic involvement, the retailer unveiled a revamped website. It’s now tailored to accommodate varied customer journeys—from browsing in-stock items to diving deep into customization. Advanced merchant tools now propel improved search capabilities, cross-selling, upselling, and heightened personalization, fostering enhanced engagement and loyalty.

This cutting-edge ecommerce platform ensures they stay toe-to-toe with competitors. Notable features include a swift and secure checkout process and a plethora of payment options.

Additionally, Sophelle equipped the retailer with a comprehensive business process overhaul, complete with runbooks and playbooks. This ensures a smooth transition to a data-centric approach. Embracing agile methodologies further empowers them to nimbly adapt to evolving consumer preferences.

Is it time you revolutionized your ecommerce experience? Connect with Sophelle today and discover how we can guide your transformation journey.