Personalization in retail is the process of using personal data to provide tailored experiences to shoppers of products in a retail environment. Personalization aims to serve everyone based on their individual needs and behaviors.

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cross-merchandising refers to a strategy that groups different, unrelated products together to encourage the sale of each or several of them together. It can feature products that more naturally pair or can get creative and have products that are more...

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omnichannel retail

An omnichannel retail is a retailing strategy that promotes reaching customers and selling through multiple avenues. Typically, this includes a physical/brick and mortar location, an online shop, and perhaps even a phone and catalog orders.

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Add-on-sale refers to the sale of additional goods to a shopper. In retail, this is generally a product that is suggested by the sales assistant at check out, such as batteries for an electronic product and is sometimes known as...

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assortment planning

Assortment planning is the process of optimizing visual merchandising, store layout, and product placement during specific periods of time to satisfy market demand.

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