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Shiny Objects You Want vs Foundational Elements You Need

There was an interesting picture recently posted on LinkedIn showing New York City’s tall, shimmering skyscrapers, juxtaposed against the city’s shaky foundations. They suggested that the image was a metaphor. We agree. What we saw was a metaphor for retailers choosing to spend a lot of money on visible, shiny, new objects while underinvesting in the foundational elements of their business.

Because here’s the honest truth: you could have the most beautiful retail store or website in the world with all of the latest and greatest omnichannel capabilities, but if your systems aren’t functioning, your employees aren’t adequately trained, and your inventory isn’t accurate, you’re going to disappoint your customers.

Read more on our latest blog post-Shiny Objects You Want vs Foundational Elements You Need.

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The Millennial Report

Millennial Report: The 5 Most Valuable Retail Website Features for Millennials

What are the foundational elements of a retail website? Are they images, a purchase process, a shopping cart?

To the (retail owners?) websites need to function smoothly. But end-users take those basic features for granted. To consumers, foundational elements like functionality don’t even cross their minds. They think all websites work flawlessly all the time!

End users think differently about foundational elements. End users believe that they’re features every website should have to make the shopping experience more appealing.

And no consumer is pickier than a Millennial. Read more on Sophie’s latest Millennial Report entry to learn the 5 most valuable retail website features Millennials consider to be basic.

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Check out Sophelle’s list of over 50 of the most recent, relevant, and valuable Retail Podcasts from top experts to sharpen your skills and stay on top of retail. Check back often as we’re quickly ramping up our list and updating regularly. 


Featured Podcast:

Future Commerce

Fridays are for Future Commerce. Each week, we bring you the best interviews and insights from eCommerce experts and startup founders who are shaping the future of retail.

From DTC to B2B, we cover the latest news, mixed with original research to talk about the things that matter to you to help you shape the future of your retail business.

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Upcoming Retail Events

Given the circumstances, retail trade shows and events have been canceled, postponed, or taken on digital formats. This month we spotlight trade shows that offer great online experiences with expert content. You can see a list of over 70 Retail Trade Shows on our site, updated daily.


Show Start End Location
NRF Retail Converge Virtual 6/21/21 6/25/21 Online
ECOM World Virtual
6/28/21 6/29/21 Online
PCA 2021
7/10/21 7/13/21 Las Vegas, NV
Prosper Show 2021 7/13/21 7/15/21 Las Vegas, NV
Midwest e-Com Conference 7/23/21 7/24/21 Minneapolis, MN
Minnesota Retail Summit (iNSTORE North) 8/3/21 8/3/21 Minneapolis, MN
Digital Summit: Minneapolis
8/5/21 8/6/21 Minneapolis, MN
ASTRA Marketplace & Academy
8/5/21 8/8/21 Minneapolis, MN
Outdoor Retailer 8/10/21 8/12/21 Denver, CO
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Sharpen your skills and stay on top of retail innovation. Check out Sophelle’s list of hundreds of free Retail Webinars from retail expert leaders.


Featured Webinars:

Retail the New Way: Stores Reimagined

Organizer: The Retail Summit
Speakers: Nicholas Wainwright (Chairman at Boodles), Peter Joelsson (Global IT Director at Gant).

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Retail Sales Tracker

While COVID is wreaking havoc for many retailers, others are thriving in the crisis. The results are just now starting to come in for Q1. Below are some recent announcements. Check Sophelle’s Retail Sales Tracker for over 200 public company reports.


Tractor Supply 42.4% Sonic Auto 0.3%
Apple 69.6% Steve Madden 0.0%
Asbury Automotive Group 53.5% Tandy Leather -0.1%
AutoNation 47.5% Verizon -2.2%
eBay 47.2% Winmark -20.0%


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