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Re-Imagining the Digital Shopping Experience with Immersive 3D and AR Product Media

As COVID-19 accelerates the shift to online buying, retail brands and manufacturers are looking to their digital channels to work harder than ever. In the “new normal,” engaging product imagery and visual…
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Romancing the Social-Distanced Shopper: Get Your Online Fundamentals Right and Watch Conversion Increase

Today, your retail website needs to work harder and smarter to keep your brand in the black. Maybe you’ve already invested in a great site or maybe your company has neglected its…
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The Big (Digital) Picture: Connecting Channels and Bridging the Customer Experience

In the age of digital convergence, success is more than a website. Brands and business partners are expected to provide their customers a unified, seamless experience as they traverse from email, to…
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B2B Commerce Demystified – A Cost vs Benefit Analysis

In this panel discussion, we will shed light on the challenges facing traditional manufacturing and distribution companies seeking the best technology options to help propel their businesses into the future. We will…
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Confronting Vulnerability: Tracking the Consumer Mindset and Its Implications for Retail Store Design

Retailers and consumers will be understandably cautious as the world slowly reopens following the COVID-19 pandemic. Actions we may have previously overlooked could now cause unintended anxiety. We’ll explore changes in consumer…
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Novel Economy Webinar

Retail Innovation in the #NovelEconomy

We are living in a #NovelEconomy in a literal sense. Novel means “new” and “unusual,” which is why it’s often attached to these unique strands of outbreaks. Our behaviors are changing now…
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Human Connection: Retail’s Secret Ingredient in the Digital Age

Join this panel of retail, DTC and ecommerce leaders on how they are mastering the art of customer experience, even in the age of the digital transaction. From experiential engagement to personalized…
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2020 Brand Experience Awards Roundtable: Insights From The Winners

In the new era of retail, we know that experience is everything. The best and brightest retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are winning customer attention and affection across all stages of the…
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Brick-and-Mortar in the U.S. Post-COVID-19

We don’t know how the world will look like after COVID-19, yet one thing is certain: normal will continue to look different for quite some time. At the moment, countries around the world are…
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How Ecommerce Companies Use Integration Platforms (iPaaS) to Improve Operations and Customer Experience

In this session, we will be discussing how connecting various sales channels and business systems through iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) can help omnichannel retailers improve their operations and overall buying…
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Order Fulfillment Strategies for the COVID-19 Ecommerce Opportunity

Ecommerce is booming right now! But, relying on a single facility, company, or strategy left many merchants struggling during this pandemic. Items are getting delayed, many non-essential items are still barred from…
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Zero-Keyword Search Campaigns: Reality or Hype?

Developments like Google’s expansion of exact match signify how machine learning is advancing. Soon marketers may no longer need to sculpt exhaustive paid keyword lists. Mike Perekupka, Senior Product Manager of Sidecar,…
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Take Retail from Chaos to Consistency with Content Management Tech

The photos, videos, graphics, specs, and copywriting that engage your customers can become a multi-system mess that stresses out your marketing team and delays product launches. Jake Athey, VP of Marketing and…
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3 Signs That a Marketer’s Automated Bid Approach Isn’t Working

Automated bidding is the new norm for retail marketers when managing ads across Google, Amazon, and Facebook. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Mike Perekupka, Senior Product Manager of Sidecar, will help…
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Chargeback Protection Trends & Best Practices

2020 has brought remarkable change to both traditional commerce and ecommerce. The combination of rapid growth and the adoption of new digital channels is challenging the capacity of ecommerce, payments, and fraud…
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Conversational Commerce: The Unfair Advantage For Your Online Brand

Conversational commerce is all about increasing conversions through 1:1 real-time interactions to replicate the in-store retail experience into the online space. In this session, DTC brands will learn how to create engaging…
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The Current State of Returns

Returns are more important than ever in the customer experience. Make sure you’re up-to-date on the current state of returns, and learn how both consumers and merchants are thinking about the returns…
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Get to the Heart of It: Use Customer Empathy to Evolve Ecommerce in the Age of Covid

Learn to really listen to your customers and learn by engaging. Data tells one part of the story, but focusing on what customers are really seeking and love about your brand/product/service can…
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Preparing Your Omnichannel Business for Holiday Sales with Automation

With retail disrupted astronomically, are you concerned about how the looming holiday rush will affect your ability to meet customer expectations? This session will cover how to get operationally ready for the…
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The future of retail personalization must blend marketing and IoT

The future of personalized shopping experiences is upon us. Retail and eCommerce leaders are using online and offline data to create better personalized experiences to disrupt their peers. IoT data like sensors,…
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