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Get tips & tricks for in-store and online strategies, updates on current retail news, ever changing small business strategies, the latest on upcoming conferences, and more from Retail Minded sent straight to your inbox.

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Retail Dive

Get daily news about the latest retail industry news & intel in your inbox for free. Retail Dive isn’t exclusively about eCommerce, it’s still a great resource for keeping up with news that may impact your business and the eCommerce...

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Retail Customer Experience

Retail Customer Experience Newsletter provides news and insights for retailers who want to create better shopping experiences for their customers. Keep up with how businesses in all industries are elevating the customer experience through interactive technology. Know more about the...

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Progressive Grocer

Progressive Grocer has been leading the U.S. grocery industry since 1922. Its signature editorial approach of providing balanced perspectives in every story makes it the most trusted resource in retail business media. And with unique access to detailed data and insights...

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Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce helps merchants improve their online businesses. Receive expert articles, commentary, guides, webinars, and podcasts when you subscribe. Practical Ecommerce is an independent publishing company, unaffiliated with any e-commerce platform, service, or provider.

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