Better, Faster, Easier Order Management Built for B2B

While digital transformation unfurls on B2B businesses; there is growing demand for capabilities around real-time inventory availability, accurate order promise dates, managing complex order orchestration and fulfillment flows. B2B Customers expect order experiences that mirror the experiences they have as a consumer, but the technology stack just doesn’t fit the bill. Join this discussion about a new wave of technology that is built to address the unique needs of B2B order execution.  We’ll discuss how you can improve customer experience and growth by accelerating onboarding, optimize fulfillment costs, accurately placing inventory, and reacting quickly to disruptions across the supply chain.

Organizer :
Digital Commerce 360, Blue Yonder
Speaker :
Pawan Gupta, VP, Customer Strategy, Advisory & Sales, Blue Yonder, Ken Shotts, VP of Distribution & Logistics, ABB, Sundip Naik, Partner Ernst & Young, EY Technology Consulting, Mark Brohan, Senior Vice President, B2B and Market Research, Digital Commerce 360
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