“Must-Have” AI Enhancements To Accelerate Your Ecommerce Business

The worlds of B2B ecommerce and digital marketing technology have never changed faster. Today, the top priority for any size B2B organization is serving increasingly growing numbers of digital-first customers. But to better serve digital buyers, digital marketers as well as ecommerce business and technology leaders should take a deeper look at how AI can accelerate their business more than ever before.

To accomplish that requires understanding composable commerce, your multi-modal custom journeys, and when and where to use AI applications such as generative AI to drive the biggest impact.

Join us for this groundbreaking online seminar featuring thought leaders and ecommerce practitioners to break down the key to the “must-have” AI enhancements to accelerate your ecommerce business for 2024 and beyond, including:

  • How to generate and use insights from vast amounts of unstructured data both internally and externally using generative AI.
  • Strategies to enrich and enhance catalog and content throughout the customer journey using generative capabilities.
  • How to enable more interactive conversational experiences and supercharge your offsite and onsite search.
  • Learn how composability can be used to make your ecommerce operation more agile and future proof to take advantage of the latest technology available.
  • Learn about how AI can be used to drive more productive and continuous personalization for customers as they traverse modalities across web, chat, phone, mobile apps across a single or multiple devices / channels.
Organizer :
Digital Commerce 360, Lucidworks
Speaker :
Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry, Ecommerce, Lucidworks, Mark Brohan, Senior Vice President, B2B and Market Research, Digital Commerce 360, Justin Racine, Principal, Unified Commerce Strategy, Perficient, Lori McDonald, President & CEO, Brilliance Business Solutions
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