Innovative Strategies to Thrive in the New AI-Powered Ecommerce Landscape

As artificial intelligence reshapes the foundation of digital commerce, staying ahead means adapting and embracing innovative strategies that can leverage AI effectively. This webinar will delve into the crucial aspects of preparing and thriving in an AI-dominated ecommerce environment.

More specifically, we’ll cover:
1. Ecommerce Readiness for AI: Discover the key steps to ensure your ecommerce operations are AI-ready, from integrating AI technologies to AI as the “head” for commerce.
2. Maintaining Authoritative AI Data: Understand the importance of feeding AI systems with the most up-to-date and authoritative data, ensuring that your AI solutions offer relevant and timely insights.
3. AI Transforming Search: Explore how AI is reinventing search functionalities, offering unprecedented personalization and accuracy that outperforms traditional search engines like Google.
4. The Future of Flagship Brands: Discuss AI’s transformative impact on flagship brands and how these entities can leverage AI to enhance their market position and customer loyalty.

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Suruchi Shukla, Vice President Marketing, Minted, Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer, commercetools, Veronika Sonsev, Co-Founder, CommerceNext
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