Driving Advertiser Performance While Improving Sales: Why You Need to Upgrade Your Retail Media Platform

Retail media ad spend should surpass TV ad spend by 2028. This puts retailers and marketplaces with retail media networks in prime position to capitalize on the opportunity. But both from-scratch and out-of-the-box retail media networks can come with limitations for operators and advertisers alike. Quick-to-market solutions can be built on outdated or ill-fitted ad tech that provides subpar user experiences and lacks clear performance metrics – giving advertisers the feeling their spend has been wasted.

Instead, innovative advertising technology can unlock new opportunities for retailers to stand out with their media networks. Retailers who lead the way in harnessing their first-party data and providing deeper audience insights will secure advertiser investments that yield substantial returns. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The security, scalability and stability benefits of an advanced advertising technology solution
  • The imperative to deliver personalized experiences using first-party data and analysis via AI/ML
  • Keys to helping advertisers succeed in capturing attention and driving business growth
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James Avery, CEO & Founder, Kevel, Shamim Samadi, Special Advisor, Kevel, Co-Founder, Beeswax and Roscoe Labs
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