Retail revolution: Navigating trends and pricing strategies for 2024

The retail industry has faced significant changes over the past few years. Looking ahead, 2024-2025 will continue to be transformative years, with major trends shaping retailer strategies, business operations, and customer experiences. Retailers who balance short-term challenges with long-term end to end vision will be the ones to thrive.

Are you ready to navigate and manage retail trends with actionable strategies? Register for this webinar now and discover:

  • Top Retail Trends for 2024-2025: Discover the latest trends shaping the market
  • Merchandise Planning: Enhance supply chain resilience and profitability
  • Optimizing service levels: Match demand and supply effectively with S&OP
  • Enabling full Supply Chain responsiveness from Sales signals going up within upstream distribution and production
  • Competitive pricing strategy: Elaborate strategic BtoC price positions and automate for better market penetration and consistency
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Frédéric Dupont, Retail and Fashion Expert, BearingPoint, Claire Wallis, Consumer Goods and Retail Director, BearingPoint
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