Millennial Report: When, How, and Where do Millennials Shop?

Insider Intelligence recently released a survey comparing Millennial shopping habits over the past 3 years. They asked Millennials when, how, and where they shop, and the results may surprise you.

Nearly one-third of Millennials prefer to shop during weekdays on their mobile devices from home. There’s a lot to unpack in that finding, but there are three big takeaways that retailers can use to shape their marketing and sales efforts. Let’s break down this research and discuss what you can do to accommodate these new trends. 

When, How, and Where do Millennials Shop?

When and How do Millennials Shop

Finding 1: Millennials are Shopping on Weekdays

Free time isn’t for shopping anymore. Though most people tend to have more availability on the weekends, many Millennials prefer to use their work-free days for leisure, quality time, and hobbies. This means that Millennials are less likely to shop during the weekends, saving their shopping trips for Monday through Friday instead.

Finding 2: Millennials are Shopping on their Phones

Most young people (and old, for that matter!) have constant access to information and services via their phones. So it makes sense that Millennials have also shifted toward making online purchases from their phones, too, since they’re always on hand. Mobile shopping ultimately facilitates lightning-speed purchases while Millennials are on the go, whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them.

Finding 3: Millennials are Shopping at Home, Not in Stores

Millennials are avoiding the hassle of physical shopping. Instead, they’re making purchases quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home without having to worry about navigating through crowded stores or standing in line. Plus, shopping from home is particularly appealing to Millennials with young children, who prefer to avoid weekend crowds.

This also means Millennials aren’t shopping at work—even though they prefer to make purchases on weekdays. 

What Retailers Should Do Based on These Findings

  1. Facilitate weekday promotional events. Millennials love to save a buck. Meet your customers where they are by offering discounts and promotions during the weekdays. This further incentivizes them to shop in the way they prefer. 
  2. Personalize mobile experiences. Millennials are all about convenience and customization. Ensure your digital customers receive personalized recommendations and advertisements based on their browsing and search histories. This helps customize shopping for a more enjoyable customer experience while simultaneously benefiting sales. 
  3. Offer flexible delivery options. If Millennial customers prefer to shop from home rather than work, they’re guaranteed to want flexible pickup and delivery options, too. Consider offering various delivery options, like same-day or next-day delivery, to give your customers options that suit their lifestyles.  
  4. Implement an intuitive user experience. A well-designed and user-friendly website makes shopping from home easier and more intuitive. Add clear product descriptions, easy-to-use search and filter options, or chatbots to improve UX. Likewise, a seamless checkout process can also speed up the purchasing journey.

Use this research to help guide marketing and sales efforts for your Millennial customers. When you’re ready to put a plan in place, contact a Practice Leader at Sophelle for a strategy that wins.