Analysis and Testing Lifts eCommerce Conversion Rates

Client:  European Apparel Retailer The Challenge A multinational European apparel client wanted to improve website performance. Their platform used various algorithms and business rules to make targeted product recommendations throughout the consumer experience, but the client struggled to identify which...

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5 Considerations for the Post-COVID Retail Landscape

With new variants ushering us into another phase of the pandemic, the general feeling of uncertainty amongst the public remains high. However, with over 160 million people now vaccinated, there’s no denying that much of the population is eager to...

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11.5% Revenue Beautification from Personalization by Device

Client: Cosmetics Retailer The Challenge The web and mobile ecommerce channels of a popular omnichannel cosmetics retailer utilized a complex system of over 25 algorithms to make customer-specific product recommendations throughout the entire consumer lifecycle. From the homepage to the...

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Data Analytics

Why Data Analytics Are Crucial for Building a Smart Retail Strategy Trying to implement a customer-centric retail strategy without the right data and analytics is a lot like trying to make your way through a pitch-black tunnel without a flashlight....

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Millennial Report: How to Capture Millennial Audiences

Millennials are in their prime spending years. They’re making big purchases on homes, weddings, children, and pets. This generation has immense buying power- millennials were projected to spend over a trillion dollars in 2020, giving them more spending power than...

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