Unveiling the Future of Weddings: How Gen Z Is Redefining ‘I Do’

I refuse to attend another wedding. Don’t get me wrong; I genuinely adore my friends and wish them all the best, but the endless cycle of weddings has taken its toll. I used to smile as the bridal party walked down the aisle. But now, I cringe watching a gaggle of 10 bridesmaids, all clad in matching attire, resembling a Duggar family portrait. I’ve traveled far and wide and spent countless dollars on dresses that would see the light of day just once. I’ve spent more weekends in evening gowns than I have in my cozy pajamas, and I’m over it. 

My wedding fatigue isn’t unique. As I peer into the horizon of the wedding industry, I’m beginning to see signs of change. Gen Z, the cohort following in my generation’s footsteps, is shaking things up. 

The wedding industry is undergoing a significant transformation as Millennials exit their wedding years, making way for the rise of Generation Z. To remain relevant in this new era, wedding retailers and vendors must take note of these changes and adapt accordingly. 

It’s time to embrace a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s long been overdue for a makeover. So let’s explore the evolving landscape of weddings, where Gen Z is rewriting the rulebook. 

Gen Z’s Wedding Priorities

According to The Knot’s 2022 Real Weddings Study, young couples are redefining what weddings mean to them. Here are some noteworthy trends:

1. Capturing the Moments

Gen Z places a high emphasis on visual storytelling. A staggering 89% of Gen Zers believe that taking engagement photos is a must, which is a significant increase of 10% compared to Millennials. On the wedding day itself, 83% of Gen Z couples consider capturing photos and videos to be the most important element, marking a 7% increase compared to their Millennial counterparts.

2. Guest Engagement

Engaging guests in unique ways is becoming increasingly important to Gen Z couples. Nearly 80% of them incorporate a guest book at their weddings to collect guest sentiments, reflecting a 7% increase from Millennials. Moreover, a third of Gen Z couples include guest entertainment, such as performers and fireworks, at their weddings. Additionally, 31% provide various photography options, like Polaroid cameras, selfie stations, or photo booths, which is an 8% increase compared to Millennials.

3. Cultural and Personal Touches

Gen Z couples are keen on infusing their weddings with personal and cultural elements. Approximately 40% of them include ethnic, religious, or cultural elements in their ceremonies, such as jumping the broom or lighting a unity candle, compared to 32% of Millennials.

4. Grand Entrances and Exits

About two-thirds (67%) of Gen Z couples reported having a grand entrance or exit at their weddings, such as sparklers or fireworks. In contrast, only 49% of millennials opted for grand gestures.

5. Colorful Choices

Gen Z is not afraid to break away from traditional wedding color schemes. Vibrant and unconventional colors are gaining popularity among Gen Z couples, with green being a particularly favored choice, embraced by 56% of them.

6. Digital Engagement

Gen Zers are digital natives, and this shows in their wedding planning habits. They’re more likely to use online chats to communicate with vendors (40%, a 10% increase compared to millennials) and watch online videos for tips and inspiration (51%, a 7% increase compared to millennials). Furthermore, they’re redefining how to share wedding information by including QR codes on their save-the-dates or invitations, linking to their wedding websites, which saw a 6% increase compared to Millennials.

Inspo from TikTok and Rethinking Frocks

Another significant factor in the changing wedding landscape is the influence of TikTok. Couples are now turning to this social media platform for wedding inspiration, seeking to create memorable moments that can go viral. As Business Insider reports, this trend includes everything from unique choreographed dances at the altar to turning the first kiss into a skit, reminiscent of flash-mob dances down the aisle.

Additionally, the wedding industry is facing a significant shake-up as Gen Z couples redefine the concept of wedding parties. Traditionally, bridesmaids and groomsmen had to wear matching outfits for a uniform look. However, Gen Z is breaking free from this tradition, seeking a more personalized and inclusive approach. Brides are no longer enforcing strict dress codes, and grooms are abandoning the idea of identical suits.

This shift is posing a challenge to traditional wedding industry players who have long relied on catalog-style formalwear and jewelry. The demand for versatile, mix-and-match options is on the rise, reflecting individuality and the wedding theme. Companies like David’s Bridal, once synonymous with budget-friendly wedding attire, have faced financial struggles, filing for bankruptcy. Even Signet Jewelers, a major jeweler, has seen a decline in diamond ring sales as Gen Z is more open to alternative styles.

Gen Z’s rebellion against traditional wedding party norms is driving a need for innovation in the industry. Wedding retailers and vendors must adapt to cater to these modern couples redefining the rules of matrimony or risk becoming obsolete.

The Rising Cost of Weddings

One of the largest catalysts for change is the growing financial burden of weddings. Recent surveys find that 75% of Gen Z and Millennial couples believe weddings are too expensive in the current economy. The average cost of a wedding reached $30,000 last year, marking a $2,000 increase from 2021 due to steep inflation. Despite this, 66% of Gen Z couples believe that the cost will be worth it, although they’re finding creative ways to get a bargain. 

The wedding industry is evolving rapidly as Gen Z takes center stage. To thrive in this new landscape, wedding retailers and vendors must adapt to Gen Z couples’ changing priorities, preferences, and expectations. Embracing digital tools, offering unique experiences, and reimagining traditional aspects of weddings will be crucial for staying relevant in this new wedding era. 

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