Superior Solution Selection

Every vendor has clients that love their solutions and clients that love them less. You can’t rely on salespeople, industry analysts, and client references to tell you what the best solution for you and your unique needs is. You need an objective, proven process managed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.


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Sophelle Is the Leader In Retail Solution Selection

  • Experienced: Over 100 selection projects for leading retailers and DTC brands
  • Proven: Every selection project has been successful and solutions remain in place throughout planning horizon
  • Enterprise: Selection solutions cover POS, eCommerce, Order Management, ERP, Merchandising, and more
  • Independent: No financial benefit from any platform providers
  • Informed: Clients leverage our experience in provider contract negotiations
  • Efficient: Flexible approaches tailored to each client’s unique needs
  • Timely: Database of baseline requirements jump start requirements definition
  • Full Service: Vast implementation experience informs selection advice


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The costs of selecting and implementing retail solutions remain high. SaaS solutions may lower upfront licensing costs, but the that’s just the start. Organizational change management costs are high, don’t take unnecessary chances. Contact us today to take every advantage you can in picking the best retail solution for the best price and terms. Sophelle will make sure that you Love Your SolutionsTM.