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How to achieve the greatest ROI from partnership marketing

While affiliate marketing to drive direct and immediate sales might be the strategy that gets the most buzz, there are several other flavors of partnership marketing available to retailers today...

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Personalization: The Foundation for Great Commerce Experiences

The webinar will cover the following topics: How a CDP powers personalization in terms of product discovery and content management. Why personalization is the key to delivering connected commerce experiences....

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Holiday Season 2021: How to Maximize End of Year Ecommerce Sales in a Post-Vaccine World

The aftermath of COVID-19 has brought on an unprecedented shift in the consumer mindset, leaving many brands and retailers struggling to keep up with what consumers want. With the holidays...

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Retailers’ 2021 Holiday Season Guide

There have been ups and downs, but either way the pendulum has swung, 2021 has done its due diligence to keep retailers of all sizes and channels on their toes....

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The top 5 things retail marketers need to know about Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) has changed the game for successful brands looking to reach their audience, drive measurable conversions, and boost revenue. Regardless of their size or industry, top-performing retailers are...

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The future of flagship stores in this new era of retail

Eighty-one percent of Gen Z prefers to shop in stores. Consumers want a great experience in stores, along with convenience, ease and good customer service. How can brands and retailers...

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The future looks brightest from space with Jared Isaacman

howWith many feats and accomplishments already under his belt, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jared Isaacman purchased the first civilian space mission to orbit the earth on a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule,...

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Supply chain testing ground: The future of last mile delivery

New experiments are pushing retailers and their partners to consider a variety of next-gen logistics strategies. ShopOlive.com is a new platform that consolidates packages into weekly deliveries and facilitates returns...

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How to gain repeat customers with first-party data & personalization

Part of our 360 eCommerce Chat Series Many online shoppers today are fickle. They have tons of ecommerce sites to choose from with more options added to the ecommerce buffet...

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Artificial intelligence for commerce – Separating the hype from the hip

There are over 500 million Google search results for “AI in retail”. What does it really mean, and how is AI actually being used across the industry today? Hear from...

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Turning Content Into Dollars: The Story of Future E-Commerce Success

With retailers reporting record online traffic levels, including many first-time e-commerce shoppers, brands have been challenged to create more dynamic, interactive shopping experiences to capitalize on the opportunity at hand....

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Retail Digital Transformation Roadmap

Exclusive just-style Webinar: Global consulting firm Kalypso joins First Insight, a leading provider of voice of the customer solutions, and 3D apparel solutions provider Browzwear to discuss how to successfully...

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