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Retail Trends: Balancing Consumer Expectations and Emerging Tech

In this episode of Integration Redesigned, Cait Porte interviews Chris Muscat, an ecommerce executive, on the latest trends in retail and how businesses can navigate the ever-changing technological landscape to...

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Staying Connected in the Ecommerce Product Community

In this podcast episode, Cait Porte interviews Alicia Dixon, an experienced ecommerce product leader, about her favorite project and strategies for balancing innovation. Alicia shares the story of how she...

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Keeping Up With The Speed Of Retail

Rapid changes in consumer technology have also created a new speed of retail. Technology upgrades for new payment options and tracking inventory are just two examples of deployments needed to...

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From Preaching to Practice: How to Harness the Power of Composable Commerce

Analysts and industry experts have been preaching about composable, headless, and, more recently, MACH and digital experience composition (DXC) for the past decade. But what does this mean for brands...

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Drive Engagement at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Featured Speakers: Brett Bothe, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce Jorja Lyons, Sr Product Manager, Salesforce Creating personalized journeys is crucial for marketers who want to build lasting relationships with customers,...

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On-Demand Webinar: A Guide to Marketing in Turbulent Times

As consumer spending habits shift due to inflation and a possible recession, marketers need to stay in front of trends, adopt strategies that meet customer expectations, and continue to work...

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How to Build the Right Loyalty Program in Retail and Consumer Goods

Featured Speakers: Matt Marcotte, Global Head of Retail and Consumer Goods Industry Advisors, Salesforce Fredy Afif, Senior Manager, Global Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Perspectives, Salesforce Vlad Hanzlik, Director, Global...

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Marketplace Risk in 2023: Key Trends for Ecommerce Platforms to Watch

The pressure is on for global online marketplaces. Customers increasingly expect marketplaces to stand behind their listed products, and banks and payment providers want marketplaces to mitigate risk by doing...

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Join Personalization experts at Kibo and Sophelle to learn how to leverage personalization tactics to maximize ROI. Kibo Principal Solutions Consultant Curt Brown and Sophelle Senior Digital Consultant Ken Kantor...

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Prepare for the Holiday Peak

Holiday shopping has changed. Consumers now enjoy hundreds of channels to buy gifts, forcing merchants to choose how and where to reach their target customers. In this 20-minute streaming webinar,...

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5 Critical Website Fixes Retailers Need to Make Before Black Friday

Keys to Weathering the  Economic Storm Before Black Friday For every retailer, the holiday shopping season is critical to hitting their annual revenue and business KPIs. With inflation at a...

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The Holidays Unwrapped: Global Shopper Insights & Predictions

Loqate surveyed 2,700 global shoppers for this webinar to share data-driven insights and predictions on how consumers plan to spend, shop and ship this holiday season. Plus, Digital Commerce 360’s...

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