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Experiential Ecommerce: The Key to Winning the New Digital Consumer

It is no longer good enough for your customers to be able to engage your brand anytime and anywhere. Consumers are increasingly demanding that you are there for them in...

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Elevating Customer Experience for Ecommerce Growth

Customer experience is what matters most when it comes to customer retention and lifetime value. Personalized customer experiences convert better because shoppers are likely to come back to a business...

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Winning 2021 with CRM & LTV As Growth Drivers

Developing the LTV of new customers acquired during the pandemic is critical in 2021. This webinar will explore how retail and brand leaders are doubling down on understanding how these...

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Building Loyalty with Newly Acquired Customers

Ecommerce has acquired record numbers of new customers during the pandemic. Turning them into loyal customers and brand advocates is critical to future growth. This webinar will discuss how to...

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How to Create Digital Experiences as Good as In-store Experiences

Ecommerce has come a long way, but there are still some aspects of the in-store experience that are just hard to beat like being able to touch and see the...

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Connecting to Your Ideal Customer: Laser-Focus on Convenience

Prioritizing convenience, consistency and connection throughout the shopper journey should be the guiding principle of every retailer’s marketing strategy. But given resource limitations, you may feel overwhelmed by this mandate....

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Harnessing In-Store Shopper Data to Improve Experience and Engagement

As the world emerges from the pandemic and stores continue to reopen, you are tasked with reconfiguring the in-store experience to meet changing consumer needs and behaviors. During this session,...

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Retailers, Are You (Socially) Listening? Your Customers Are Speaking

Multi-location retailers are always seeking the perfect balance between centralized messaging control and localized, highly targeted content for each store or region. When communications are too tightly controlled, time-to-market is...

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How 1-800-Flowers Boosts Shopper Loyalty with Data & Analytics

COVID-19 changed brand loyalty as we knew it. Disruptions to supply chains and household income drove shoppers to try new brands. According to McKinsey, three out of four American consumers...

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Omnichannel Strategies for the New Normal: Scaling Up to Exceed Customer Demands

The retail industry is constantly changing, and COVID-19 has made an omnichannel strategy table stakes for nearly all businesses. Going forward, you will need to scale up services you introduced...

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Accelerated Ecommerce: 21+ Trends and Transitions That Will Shape the Industry in 2021

Around the world, online sales have blown past previous forecasts as consumers move toward online shopping in record numbers — an overarching trend that will continue through 2021 and beyond....

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Augmented Reality: Like Real Reality, but Better (for Retailers)

Ecommerce took a giant leap forward in 2020, and there is no going back. As retailers seek new ways to engage shoppers outside the confines of the physical store, augmented...

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