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Delivering the Perfect Order: Provide a Buy-Anywhere, Fulfill-Anywhere and Return-Anywhere Experience

It’s apparent that consumers’ shopping expectations have evolved rapidly in many areas — especially around efficient delivery and contactless pick-up options. You run the risk of losing the sale if...

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Redefining Retail: How Location Data Removes Friction from Shopper Experiences

The COVID-fueled surge in ecommerce also has led to a massive move to mobile commerce, a trend with serious threads that will stick even as the pandemic recedes. With consumers...

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What’s the Point of Loyalty? How to Take Consumer Engagement and LTV to New Levels

Loyalty is back! Rising ad costs and new tracking restrictions from Apple and Google are driving a big “re-think” about LTV and loyalty. But classic loyalty programs may be more...

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Why Effective Management of Visual Media is a Must for ECommerce

Visual media has long been an important component in compelling ecommerce experiences, and its importance has only increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Research has shown nearly 75% of mobile users...

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Redefining Product Discovery: Improve Your Entire Customer Journey

Online shoppers can easily use the search bar for the most direct route to their desired product. But what if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for? Cutting-edge retailers...

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Retail CX Trends 2021: New CX for a New World

In 2020, retail and ecommerce companies faced exceptional challenges and reported major disruptions to the way they work. 84% implemented new tools or processes 44% managed remote staff 37% had...

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Buy Now, Pay Later: How Millennials & Gen Z Want to Shop

  Today’s retailers face an array of challenges to meet the needs of the new digital consumer, accelerated by the pandemic and the events of the last year. Many have...

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B2B Commerce Demystified – A Cost vs Benefit Analysis

In this panel discussion, we will shed light on the challenges facing traditional manufacturing and distribution companies seeking the best technology options to help propel their businesses into the future....

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Calculating The Hidden ROIs Of Brick-And-Mortar Retail

More comprehensive ways to measure in-store ROI and customer impact New analytics to optimize digital marketing in-store Analytics for measuring pricing, packaging, and merchandising effectiveness How to collect first-party customer...

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eCommerce Is Overrated: A Defense Of Brick-And-Mortar Retail In A COVID World

In-store spending share and projected demographic responses in a post-coronavirus world Mapping digital experience to the physical shopping journey eCommerce vs in-store customer acquisition, revenues, and profitability The Halo Effect:...

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Marketing Brick-and-Mortar in A Germaphobic World: How Technology Is Enabling Safe Product Discovery With Brand Integrity

The new technologies that facilitate seamless and safe in-store marketing Which technologies are open new revenue-generating opportunities The technologies that will serve your shoppers safely and effectively without sacrificing brand...

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Designing In-Store Experiences That Drive Sales & Engagement

The key pieces of this emerging marketing strategy and technology The gap between attention and information Path to purchase pain points Mapping digital experience to the physical shopping journey Comprehensive...

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