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Retail Product Engagement Marketing: The Retail Marketing Discipline Driving Brick-and-Mortar Success in a Post-COVID-19 World

Watch this presentation to learn: The key pieces of this emerging marketing strategy and technology The new normal of brick and mortar retail Marketing safety in the age of COVID-19...

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Turning Content Into Dollars: The Story of Future E-Commerce Success

With retailers reporting record online traffic levels, including many first-time e-commerce shoppers, brands have been challenged to create more dynamic, interactive shopping experiences to capitalize on the opportunity at hand....

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Personalising Omnichannel Experiences At Scale

Join Asics, Emarsys, Jumia, and SAP to explore the key steps these organizations are taking to exceed customer expectations in the 'New Normal'. Delivering a highly personalized experience has been...

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Retail the New Way: Stores Reimagined

Boodles, Gant, The Latest and Cegid discuss how COVID-19 reshaped physical retail and how retailers can adapt their store strategies to thrive. Now more than ever, consumers are craving the...

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Fashion Retail’s Great Accelerator

Fashion retailers have had to adapt rapidly to an evolving and unpredictable customer and supplier landscape through the peaks and troughs of the pandemic. The lasting impact of the virus...

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Dream Big; Win Big

We bring some of marketing’s brightest minds together to discuss the new rules of marketing engagement. We’ll look at how leading global brands are using digital capabilities creatively to attract...

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Curating Next Generation Omnichannel Experiences

Founded in 2011, Global Fashion Group has established itself as the No.1 fashion and lifestyle destination in growth markets by pursuing a customer experience vision. We take a deep dive...

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Retail Reimagined: The New Era For Customer Experience

Earlier this year, we experienced the largest monthly decline in US retail sales on record. 40% of customers switched between brands or retailers. By some estimates, we have vaulted ahead...

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Disrupting Grocery Retail: Convenience, Experience & Personalisation in a New Era

The grocery and food retailing industry has experienced a spectacular surge in demand for digital experiences as a result of the pandemic and lock downs. Both in store and online...

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Luxury’s New World Order

Like the current retail landscape, the world of luxury is a place of uncertainty and unpredictability. Dramatic shifts in developing economies, the proliferation of new technologies, and calls for stronger...

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Driving Customer Loyalty in a Pandemic

The pandemic has shown brands how loyal their customer base really is – many have been left disappointed. Together we will discuss how the shift to online shopping has changed...

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Customer Centricity – The Secret to Success Post-Covid-19

This webinar will discuss how the pandemic accelerated a process we anticipated would take years and how retail is now looking to overhaul its practices and embrace this opportunity to...

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