eCommerce Personalization Strategy Boosts Apparel Retailer’s Conversion Rate by 13% 


Sophelle began working with a well-known apparel retailer 3 years ago on their ecommerce personalization strategy.  By implementing recently viewed personalization in the retailer’s shopping cart page, the Sophelle team yielded an impressive boost in conversion rates. 

But with new technology and consumer behavior insights, ecommerce personalization requires regular adjustments to optimize performance. In an effort to improve and build upon the retailer’s previous personalization strategy, Sophelle practice manager Ken Kantor re-examined the retailer’s data to test new theories and maximize their success.


Adding recently viewed products to the shopping cart is an effective personalization tactic. Customers who visit the shopping cart page indicate a clear intent to buy, which presents a valuable opportunity. By displaying products that shoppers have recently viewed and expressed an interest in, businesses can capitalize on this intent and increase the likelihood of a sale.

The Sophelle team wanted to push this strategy even further. Kantor began prioritizing product recommendations based on the customer’s viewing recency. Adding that time-based element to the targeting algorithm led to a massive improvement in performance. 


By showcasing products viewed within minutes, the apparel retailer’s click rates and conversion rose 13%. This led to an estimated 11% revenue increase, totaling an incremental $240k. That one adjustment alone pays for the retailer’s entire personalization platform. 

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