Talk Retail to Me Podcast

Experts from The Parker Avery Group and occasional guest speakers cover trending retail and consumer goods topics as well as operational basics and how they should evolve to address the continual transformation of our industry. The objective of these 20-minute...

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This Week in Innovation Podcast

In This Week in Innovation, Jeff discusses the trends driving the retail industry and examine the emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, machine learning, low code, cloud computing, SaaS, data, robots, augmented reality, virtual reality,...

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Spark Plug Podcast

Spark Plug Podcast talks to people working at the intersection of business and technology, about the future of retail, engagement and technology.

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Retail Corner Podcast

Retail Corner Podcast is a deeply informative podcast covering current retail landscape, best of breed products and retail business best practices. Tune in to listen to retail experts and community thinkers on retail industries current trajectory as well as future...

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Retail Remix

Join Retail Remix every week as they sit down with someone who is helping put a new spin on the retail experience. Hear from the top practitioners, analysts and innovators in retail, and see what new engagement opportunities await. The...

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