2022’s Top 10 Millennial eCommerce Trends

2022 proved to be a year of massive success for most retailers. Retail sales rose steadily each quarter, jumping 1.3% from September to October. And those figures paled in comparison to the $9 billion record-setting high on Black Friday.  Millennials...

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Maximize eCommerce ROI with Omnichannel Personalization

A personalized ecommerce experience can yield incredible results for retailers. Brands that leverage personalization not only see higher ROI—increases as high as 300% or more—but are also in the best position to quickly meet their customers’ changing behaviors.  Sophelle’s Senior...

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Millennial Report: Are Your Employees Looking for the Exit?

  How many times did you change jobs throughout your career? These days, the average person works approximately 12 jobs in their lifetime. If that seems like a lot, hold on to your computer chair because research shows that Millennials change jobs more frequently than...

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