Retail’s Big Reunion Recap

Shoptalk 2022 Wow. What a show! Retail’s hottest digital show had record-breaking attendance, proving that while virtual has its benefits, live events are back. We heard from retail’s community of changemakers about everything from innovative growth opportunities to global shopping...

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Why Every Retailer Needs an Inventory Contingency Plan

  What’s your contingency plan for inventory issues? Plan for inevitable challenges to deliver superior customer service. In the modern retail landscape, inventory-related challenges are inevitable. However, issues like software synching delays, supply chain disruptions, backordered items, and buy online...

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Game On: Gamification In Retail

Customers want to feel like they’re winning. Discover how retailers are adopting gamification strategies, and consider incorporating gaming features onto your platform.  Over the past 50 years, video game technology has evolved from primitive computer graphics to highly sophisticated, lifelike...

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